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Is there such a thing as cheap internet in New York?

The search for the cheapest internet connections could sometimes be like the search for the fountain of youth. The fountain of youth has since been discovered via expensive surgery, creams, lotions, and other aesthetic methods. Would it mean then that cheap internet in New York is also a probability and not only a possibility?

The Empire State, the Big Apple, the Capital of the World are some of the famous names attached to New York, considered as the nation’s 5th most connected state. However, statistics show that of the 19.5 million populations in New York, only one wired provider gives services to 995,000 locals. The monopoly of this single provider means calling the shots when it comes to rates, terms and conditions, contracts, and data caps.

Cheap cable internet can be a way for New Yorkers to save if they cut the cord towards a cable TV service and opt out for the single internet plan. Yet, this would again depend on location. Would this mean then that New York will have to contend with the status quo without the means to see the light at the end of the internet tunnel?

Fortunately, no, for top names in the business have responded to this lack by offering cheap internet home connections for qualified families. Qualifying for cheap and fast internet connections from telecommunication giants such as CenturyLink, AT&T, and Comcast can connect families to the web for as low as $9.95 a month. The speed tier that goes along with this extremely low rate is a fast downstream speed of 10 Mbps which could make you think and sit up. Other than the fast and cheap internet connection, activation and security are free. What’s the catch?

Nothing really as long as your family falls under their qualifying program. If at least one child in your household is under the free or reduced lunch with the National School Lunch Program, you get this cheap internet connection right off.

This piece of news may be good but what if you don’t qualify? Would that mean putting up with costly internet connections as the only option?

Again, fortunately, no, for non-profit organizations like 4GCommunity that offers an array of rates and plans to choose from. The downside is the upfront fee as much as $500 for the device and internet service for a year. This may temporarily set you back but the monthly internet bill you get becomes lower for every year of continuous subscription.

Municipal broadband networks are another cheap internet option that is partially or fully provided by local governments. It is just unfortunate that the different municipalities in New York have never invested in this program. However, the internet has become a way of living for all, making this an open-door future option for New Yorkers as a way to get cheap internet options.

It goes without saying that the cheapest internet option is still the free public WiFi. It may not offer fast and secure services but it’s free.

There are still other cheap internet options and giving us a call today arms you with more information.