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Cable One Internet Service


Cable One internet has become wildly popular in recent years. They offer three internet packages at extremely reasonable prices; and they have a reputation for having high quality service and fast download speeds.

Many internet service providers force you to choose. You can purchase their high speed service at a high cost, or you can go with a cheaper price and forfeit your speed. Cable One refuses to play that game. No matter which service you choose, you are going to get speed, quality and performance.

Cable one can also offer you phone, television and internet packages if you would like to receive a bundle price. There are no hidden fees and all of your leased equipment is professionally installed. There are no installation or set-up fees. You simply pay your equipment monthly lease.

Let’s take a look at the Cable One Internet packages:

Streaming 50 Mbps Internet – cost $35.00 per month

This is Cable One’s most affordable plan. This speed makes streaming video quick and easy, even if you stream to more than one device. The download speed is 50 Mbps and the upload speed is 3 Mbps. This plan comes with 20 e-mail accounts.

Premier 60 Mbps Internet – cost $75.00 per month

The Premier package increases your download speed to 60 Mbps and your upload speed is 4 Mbps. You still get Cable One’s reliability and quality at a very reasonable price. This plan also comes with 20 e-mail accounts.

Ultra 70 Mbps Internet – cost $100.00 per month

It is little wonder that the Ultra Internet plan by Cable One is their most popular. The Extreme download speed of 70 Mbps with the 6 Mbps upload speed makes it a steal for only $100.00 per month. This package also includes 20 e-mail accounts. This speed is a need for the serious gamer!

Cable one offers its customers the ability to lease their equipment so there is nothing to purchase. You can lease a wired internet modem or for only $8.00 per month upgrade to a wireless modem. Since your equipment is installed by an expert, you will have no issues getting up and running. However, in the event that you have a technical problem with anything, Cable One has 24/7 customer support. It is worth noting that these are not introductory offers. Many internet companies will lure you in with low rates and after a couple of months they will raise the price. These prices are the standard and normal prices. Though as with any service, the prices could change in the future. But not just for new customers.

Cable One does not lock you in with a contract. You are free to cancel your account at any time.