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Why you need to go with Charter cable internet

Charter cable and internet offers the best digital benefits such as zero data caps, contract, and modem fee to make you see why you need to go with them. There’s a lot to gain and nothing to lose when you opt out for a Charter cable and internet bundle. Charter internet packages also offer a standalone plan for internet only as a way to cater to everyone’s wants and needs.

Basic internet plan from Charter starts at downstream speeds of 60 Mbps. However, other lower internet speed tiers are available with Charter for people who only use the web for simple needs such as light browsing, surfing, email checking, and social networking.

The internet packages from Charter automatically give you these benefits:

Signing up for an internet service with Charter automatically gives you a free modem. This is a great benefit for any subscriber that does away with the extra expense of renting or purchasing a modem. However, when you want to set up your own in-home wireless network, opting for a router/modem combo is the smartest step to take. While this kind of equipment is not free with Charter, the company does sell them. Purchasing one ensures seamless wireless connections for all users and devices at home, doing everything they want online, 24/7.

The zero data cap is an unmatched benefit few internet service providers can match. Charter may not be the only ISP to offer zero data caps but it is a most singular benefit to combining with your other digital services such as the home phone and TV.

Competitive internet pricing is also a plus factor with Charter. A standalone internet plan for 60 Mbps downstream speed can be as low as $39.99 a month which is way cheaper from other ISP offers. The zero contracts allow freedom for you to either upgrade or discontinue the service. This is more than you can get from other ISPs.

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