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About Cincinnati Bell Services

Trying to find the finest internet, cable and home phone services can sometimes be stressful. With so many different digital service providers out there, each claiming to offer the cheapest and best Internet, cable, home phone services, or bundle deals in the Cincinnati area, wouldn’t it be nice to take the stress out of the search? One provider offers cheaper Internet service, while another has better cable deals, and yet another offers a monthly bundle special with high-speed Internet and options go on.

We too realize how draining and stressful it can be to try to search for and compare the various service providers for the Cincinnati area. Having to call around, bouncing between the multiple provider sites, keeping track of all the information and then trying to compare all of the different options is incredibly stressful, and way too time consuming! We set out to streamline the process making it easier to search, compare and ultimately purchase on in one convenient and efficient website.

Cincinnati Bell Phone service has united with Acceller, Inc. to bring YOU the consumer a faster, stress-free way to search out and find the best service provider to fit your individual needs. Through this partnership we have found a better way to provide you with the services you need with one aggravation-free search.

You are now able to search, compare and purchase your digital services from multiple participating service providers in your area – all on one integrated site.

The company’s goal is to continue to improve our core focus in allowing consumers the ability to find, compare and purchase the greatest and less expensive Cincinnati home phone services, Internet, cable and bundle options from the most trusted participating providers in your area.

How It Works- Easy As One, Two, Three

Gone are the days of complicated and frustrating searching and comparing the multiple digital services that are available for your area! In as little as TEN seconds and in three easy steps you will now be able to search, compare and even purchase all at once in one convenient site.

One, Two Three and you’re all done. The search, comparison of all providers and their deals, and final purchase finished in record time! Life if can be frustrating enough, but now finding, comparing and purchasing your digital service provider and services is no longer among the list of annoying chores of life.