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All digital needs are with Cox cable deals

Cox cable plans offer all digital services from TV, the internet, and home phone to cater to all your needs. For your internet needs, Cox internet packages give the fastest and most reliable services for the best price.

Cox internet in New York offers locals affordable prices at speeds never experienced before. No longer will residents of the Big Apple rely on DSL connections with the high-speed internet offers from Cox that can quickly download whole music albums, upload crystal-clear videos and photos to share with family and friends and stream music, movies, and more minus lag and buffer.

Other than the high-speed internet connections, Cox delivers the ultimate home entertainment TV package that gives an impressive lineup of more than 200 channels. You also get to enjoy favorite prime channels such as NFL Network, HBO, ESPN, and more, all in HD!

The mobile app from Cox gives you the ability to access an internet connection wherever you may be. It also gives you the chance to stream live TV anywhere on any of your favorite mobile devices.

Watch all your favorite shows, programs, events, and movies anytime you choose with the use of the DVR service. With the use of the DVR, recording your favorite shows means never missing out on them plus the ability to pause, rewind, and forward anytime, all the time, every time.

Get all three great services from Cox to max out your digital experience in New York. The digital home phone service includes all the popular phone features including 24/7 voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, and more. The home phone deal also gives you the ability to call and talk all you want with family and friends in New York and all over the country with the unlimited local and nationwide calls. International call rates are reasonable and affordable with Cox home phone as well.

What more can you ask for when it’s all with Cox? Give us a call today to start enjoying life in the fast lane.