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Mediacom Is The Monster Of The Midwest



Mediacom is a provider of Mediacom cable, Mediacom phone services, and of course Mediacom internet. Mediacom provides service to many states such as; Georgia, Missouri, Minnesota, and even portions of Florida. All in total they service 22 states. They receive a pretty good portion of profit from those states, but that is not why the company is so successful.

The company provides service to more states as well, Illinois and Iowa. Mediacom is the largest cable company for Iowa, and second largest in Illinois. Both states are in the Midwest which easily labels them the Monster of the Midwest.


Mediacom internet provides a wide variety of choices. From the simple Launch package that is for you users that have the internet, but barely use it. All the way to Ultra Plus package that offers incredible speeds and an almost untouchable amount of storage space. They have packaging deals that will just include home access for you computers or smartphones. Or if you are the ultimate gamer then up you package and make sure that you can play any system you want, without the glitching.


In addition to the Mediacom internet, Mediacom provides your traditional cabling package, as well as a phone line. Mediacom has Prime Tv package that includes over two hundred channels. If you are a football fan don’t forget to grab the package that includes twenty five channels, including NFL Network. Don’t care for sports or the daily soap operas? Mediacom has the perfect package for you; the movies and music package. This includes over twenty five channels of new and old movies or music.


With that said the phone package deal includes a flat total price for both regional and nationwide calls. This could be one of the more important items on the list. If you didn’t have a phone then you wouldn’t be able to setup you service. Have a problem with anything give the company a call. Want all three of the services there is definitely a package for that.

Did you know that it cost Mediacom to 20,000 to 30,000 dollars per mile to hook up internet services to a house in a rural area with no one else around. Pretty crazy if you ask me. Best part about it though, if you are not satisfied in the first thirty days then you get your money back. Meaning if you just keeping having problem after problem with the company then they will give you your money back. There is one clear choice as to who the Monster of the Midwest are. That title belongs to Mediacom cable. No ghost, or ghouls are even close to the number one spot.