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Great saving tips with Optimum internet

Optimum internet deals give great saving packages to fit everyone’s lifestyle and budget. Here are ways to save more with Optimum internet packages:

Switching over to Optimum instantly gives bigger monthly savings on your utility bills. This is because of the exceptional and reasonable prices the company offers with bundle deals t include the high-speed internet, TV, and the home phone.

Optimum could be the provider you’ve been looking for with their reliable and fast internet connections available in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey. Signing up for a TV plan with Optimum automatically gives you a lineup of 260+ digital channels in free HD.

Optimum Online for $39.95 a month

Optimum TV and the internet for $79.95 a month

Optimum TV, the internet, and home phone for $84.95 a month

Multi-Room DVR for $12.95 a month

Never miss out ever on your favorite shows, events, and programs with the use of the Multi-room DVR that is capable of recording 15 shows all at once.

Optimum home phone for $19.95 a month

Call all your family and friends all over the nation for 250 minutes per month. Call your friends in Cuba anytime for 30 minutes.

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