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The Best Tech – Verizon Cable And Verizon Internet


There is a really good reason why the internet and television are covered with ads for Verizon cable, Verizon internet, Verizon deals, Verizon internet deals, and Verizon phone service. The reason is that Verizon is making so much money that the company can afford to flood the media with ads is that the service is that good and the products are that popular.

Verizon pioneered the technology that makes Verizon internet and Verizon cable the most reliable and fastest internet available. Yes, like the little ads say it really is better. A fiber optic system that is superior to their competition has made Verizon internet and Verizon cable the most highly rated service by customers and industry analysts for the last nine years.

Why is Verizon internet better?

In a word, Verizon’s advantage is being fast. How fast you might ask. Fast enough to download a full length movie in less than 1.5 minutes. The speed you pick from Verizon internet deals applies to all the devices that you use with seamless connectivity regardless of the operating system you prefer. The fact is that fiber is faster than any other technology that is used at present.

Verizon deals run from 25 megabytes per second to 500 megabytes per second. The same speeds apply to downloads and uploads so you can pick what works best for your home or business. The highest price is $80 a month and includes connection of any number of devices that run at the same speed.

Verizon deals include parental monitoring, built in security, and a mobile app that lets you see television live or prerecorded on any device at any time you want.

Is Verizon cable better?

Yes, it is substantially better in price, selection, and reliability. Verizon deals span the range of 245 channels to 435 channels with more high definition channels than any other provider.

One of the most popular Verizon cable advantages is the right to choose. You can pick the type of programming that you want and the channels that you want and end up saving money to see what you really want to see. You can make the package different for different televisions so that your children are protected from “adult” content while you can watch anything.

Television is portable on any device and the sports package has been rated as the most versatile and comprehensive available by users and players. The ad that says you can see all the games you want to see at the same time is absolute fact.

Prices for Verizon cable range from $30 a month to $90 a month and there is no contract. Bundles can save you as much as 20 percent if you bundle cable and internet together. Yes, it really is better.